Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) regarding MOWEA small wind turbines

System costs

What are the costs for a MOWEA Champ wind turbine or for a system consisting of a MOWEA wind turbine and a photovoltaic system?

In the second half of 2019 the MOWEA Champ wind turbine will be available at a price of approx. 2,000€.

A hybrid system consisting of a MOWEA Champ wind turbine, a photovoltaic system and a battery for a three-person household (electricity consumption of 3,500 kWh/year and an energy storage that can cover one day without electricity production) costs approx. 10,000€.

System and cost overview:

Power Cost
Photovoltaic 1.200 Wp 960,- €
MOWEA turbines 1.600 Wp 2.000,- €*
Battery (Capacity) 4.135 Wh 2.864,- €
Inverter 1.200,- €
Installation 2.200,- €
Mast 600,- €
Total 9.284,- €

*Target price for a turbine in 2021: 500,- €

How long is the payback period?

Depending on the application, system size and location, the payback periods are between 5 and 10 years. We recommend the personal use of electricity as the most financially sustainable application.


How much energy does a turbine generate per day/year?

At an average wind speed of 3-4 m/s at installation height, a turbine generates approx. 1 kWh per day or 360 kWh per year. At higher wind speeds, the energy yield can increase by a factor of 2 to 3.

What are the benefits of a MOWEA wind energy system?

With a MOWEA wind energy system you can produce your own sustainable electricity and thus reduce electricity costs, increase your energy independence and protect the environment. The most sensible application is personal consumption of the electricity with intermediate storage of the energy in a battery. Possible areas of application are private houses, industry, camping and boats.

Can I combine the wind turbine with a photovoltaic system?

Yes! A hybrid system comprising of photovoltaics and MOWEA wind turbines is particularly sustainable and the most economical application. This is mainly due to the fact that solar and wind energy are complementary, i.e. they complement each other in terms of their energy production: During the day the sun shines and the wind is weaker, at night no sun shines but the wind blows stronger. The situation is similar in summer and winter.

A photovoltaic-wind hybrid system exploits this situation and thus reduces the required size of the energy store (battery capacity). This results in significantly lower purchase costs for the battery and direct savings for the customer.


Does the turbine have a wind tracking system?

Yes, our single turbine MOWEA-Champ has a wind tracking system.

Are there any maintenance costs?

The turbine is maintenance-free due to its design without wear-prone components. If necessary, the rotor blades can be replaced.

How loud is the system?

Our aim is to offer the quietest turbine in the world. We are currently validating our product.


What distinguishes MOWEA from systems currently on the market?

MOWEA’s main unique feature is its modularity. We offer a wind energy system consisting of highly efficient, identical, small wind generators, which are interconnected to form a modular system. This makes us the world’s first supplier of modular small wind turbines.

Our turbines differ significantly from the small wind turbines of our competitors:

High-tech requirements: High efficiency, low cost of energy generated (€/kWh), the variety of application, their flexibility and low environmental impact.

Modularity: The modularity allows the wind turbine to be scaled individually and flexibly; the probability of failure is also reduced.

Efficiency: The know-how of many years of university research is applied here and enables the best efficiency, even in regions with weaker winds. Up to 10 percent better efficiency than products currently on the market (Germanischer Lloyd Certificate). The turbines are “light wind optimized”, which allows them to be used even in regions far from the coast and urban regions.

Where can our turbine be installed?

MOWEA’s systems are suitable for use on single-family homes as well as on telecommunication masts or in urban or industrial areas on flat roofs. See also: Application areas

At what height is the turbine installed?

In general: the higher the installation height, the better!

From a height of 10m there are usually sufficient wind conditions. We would be happy to advise you on your individual project!

What is the maximum number of turbines that can be connected together to form a system?

There is no limit to the number of turbines in a system. Individual wind energy systems can be created based on customer requirements.

Can the wind turbine system be expanded retrospectively?

Yes, the MOWEA turbines are modular and an installation can be extended at any time depending on the system.

You have any further questions or need more information?

Then contact our team – we will give you feedback to any of your questions! You can also have a look at our product informations where you can find detailed data sheets or explore the use cases of MOWEA small wind turbines.