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Energy for everyone

The MOWEA Vision

… is a world in which all people are able to produce sustainable energy by themselves.

The MOWEA Mission

… is to build the best small wind turbines and make them affordable to everyone.

The rising demand for energy-self-sufficiency, decreasing prices and political climate objectives allow for decentralized regenerative energy technologies to increasingly become a mass application. Renewable energy plants, often in combination with battery systems, are used by more and more proprietors to generate their own electricity.

So far primarily photovoltaics have been used for individual energy generation, but by now small and micro wind turbines are arriving in private households, businesses and industry. Especially the small wind turbines are one of the rare options besides photovoltaics to generate ecofriendly electricity in an urban environment. This leads to a rising use of small wind turbines in densely built-up urban areas.

Support the MOWEA Vision

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Modular MOWEA wind turbines

affordable, efficient and flexible

Start your individual energy revolution with MOWEAs modular small wind turbines.

Wind power in combination with photovoltaics is the renewable energy solution for your home or business. Realize your individual energy revolution now and begin your sustainable and independent future with MOWEA.

With more than 10 years of experience as well as long-term scientific and industrial research and development we are your competent partner in wind power.

Help us to build a better future worldwide! Please contact us for all questions regarding your individual energy revolution.

MOWEA small wind turbines - Product Categories

Electricity is a basic need. It enables a minimum living standard and is a prerequisite for economic growth. Still there are currently about 1.1 billion people in the world that have little or no access to electricity, mostly in developing countries. MOWEA will use high tech and economies of scale to change that and increase communication, education and health.


MOWEA Champ 400

1.5 m diameter, 400 W output, the MOWEA Champ is quiet, optimized for low wind speeds and flexible.



The MOWEA Net is customized to your personal energy demand and can be configured to your individual requirements. Up to 100 kW can be generated. This high-tech eye catcher can be used on private and industrial flat roofs in urban or rural areas.

Our value propositions


MOWEA small wind turbines are the best in their class regarding efficiency as a result of new aerodynamics and an innovative electronic control system. They are designed for small and medium wind speeds.


MOWEA small wind turbines are scalable. The electronic and mechanical concepts allow to start with one turbine and to connect more turbines with increasing energy demand.


Sustainability is one of our core values. Besides working on making green wind power affordable and reducing carbon emissions, we are developing a turbine produced from sustainable materials.



Our goal is to help people become independent from centralized energy providers. Decentral energy is key to people’s autonomy and allows them to shape their own future.

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