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The future belongs to renewable energies - and wind power plays an important role for us worldwide. But wind power is by no means limited to large, rural megawatt turbines. Wind power also offers enormous potential for decentralized energy supply in urban areas and in the industry of tomorrow.

MOWEA has developed a unique, modular wind energy system based on the Lego principle, which enables demand-oriented, efficient and cost-effective energy generation. On top of this, the system has an outstanding design and IoT features for intelligent applications of the future.

Limitless application possibilities


By installing MOWEA's wind energy systems on radio towers, energy costs and CO2 emissions caused by telecommunications providers and tower operators can be drastically reduced. The demand for such radio towers is high and the demand for new towers will increase with the advent of 5G technology. Depending on the particular application, between 2-4 tons of CO2 can be saved per mast each year. Radio towers are also frequently located off-grid around the world where they are powered 24/7 by a diesel generator.


Infrastructure objects present a remarkable opportunity for harnessing the full potential of MOWEA's small wind turbines. From bridges to construction cranes, these structures can be effectively utilized to generate clean energy using wind power. By incorporating wind power generation, we can pave the way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly industry for the future, making a tangible contribution towards a greener tomorrow.

From consultation to assembly


and assistance

We advise you on various applications for our modular small wind energy systems and questions regarding official approval.


in accordance with your needs

We configure your wind energy system together with you in order to optimally utilise the potential of your location.


and electrical hook-up

With the help of regional partners, we assemble your modular MOWEA small wind turbine - fast and uncomplicated.

Intelligent energy that fuels the industry of tomorrow

Cut energy costs with MOWEA

Companies with high electricity consumption can not only save a lot of money but can also reduce CO2 emissions through cost-efficient and maintenance-friendly in-house production of renewable energy. A double benefit with regard to increasing government CO2 pricing!

SMART Solution

With the increasing digitalisation and new IoT approaches, the possibility of communication between different hardware is becoming more and more important. In addition to MPPT algorithms for improved energy efficiency, MOWEA uses the latest communication interfaces via the Internet. This can ensure optimised control of the systems, but also increased safety and improved maintenance. MOWEA units can operate plug and play with other energy sources as well.


MOWEA wind energy systems

Valuable customer advice

We never leave you out in the rain: As a solid partner, MOWEA provides you with expert knowledge and suitable documentation for advising building owners as well as end customers.

Uncomplicated permits

We are familiar with approval procedures and the German legal system. To ensure that permits and approvals go off without any problems, we are at your side with help and advice throughout the entire process.

Planning support

As a strategic MOWEA-partner, you can always count on the help of our trained specialists in planning matters.

Profitable and carefree

MOWEA's units are robust and each wind turbine runs self-sufficient in its system, which means that failure rates can be drastically reduced compared to conventional turbines. MOWEA also uses a new maintenance concept, which makes direct replacement of the individual turbines simple and cost-effective.