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Our motivation is to make an effective and economical contribution to achieving global climate goals - on course to an emission-free world. We are driven by our ambition to become the world's first point of contact for individual wind energy solutions.


MOWEA offers flexible modules for scalable wind energy solutions based on the Lego Principle - for efficient B2B & B2C applications, where energy costs, as well as CO2 emissions, can be significantly reduced.

Mowea in a nutshell

  • One goal: Green technology for a sustainable future
  • Thinking afresh together: Innovations leading the zero-emission target
  • One motivation: Together with partners towards achieving the Smart City vision
  • Working together: An interdisciplinary team providing well-thought-out solutions


An interdisciplinary team convenes at MOWEA to create uniqueness by working together. Meet our team:

Dr. Till Naumann

Co-Founder | CEO

Dr.-Ing. Till Naumann holds a doctorate in mechanical engineering and is a (small) wind enthusiast. During his studies he already saw the enormous potential of the small wind power and worked early on on the optimization of small rotor blades, which later led to the development of the MOWEA technology. As managing director of MOWEA GmbH, he is responsible for partner networking, securing finances, product management and legal aspects.

Robert Johnen

Deputy manager

Since January 2019, Robert Johnen has been a Business Development Manager and Deputy Manager at MOWEA GmbH. A graduate in business administration with many years of experience in start-ups and business development, he is a valuable resource for all questions relating to product and financial management as well as strategic development. In addition, he is politically active and actively involved in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Andreas Amberger


Andreas Amberger is a graduate engineer and co-founder of MOWEA GmbH. Mr. Amberger is a tech-visionary and specialist in the development of electric drives and machines, as well as their controls, electronics and software. As the technical director of MOWEA he was significantly involved in research and development activities, technology screening, quality assurance and production. Today, Mr. Amberger is no longer operational in the company.

Our spirit

Our way of working in a team is just as important as our technologies. The following values are particularly important to us:


Regardless of whether you are dealing with partners, colleagues or producers, fairness is our top priority.


Every partner and customer has their specific requirements for the products we offer. That is why we always strive to respect and include them.

Solution orientation

Problems are sometimes unavoidable. We are therefore focused on quickly identifying such hurdles and removing them efficiently.

Budget compliance

MOWEA attaches great importance to realistic quotes and implementation within a budget – without unpleasant surprises.


Creating a product for the customer, and not creating a customer for a product. Working according to the flexible design thinking approach helps us to meet even the highest demands of our customers.


We disclose our progress and individual work steps to you at any time during the process, because we believe that transparency is essential for trusting cooperation.