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We strive to make an active and economic contribution towards achieving global climate targets. MOWEA's goal is to become the leading manufacturer of modular wind energy solutions and to establish a new standard in the market of small wind power.


We support companies and industries in reducing their carbon emissions and reduce their energy costs at the same time. To achieve this MOWEA combines standardized micro wind turbines into a unique modular wind power system that is customizable to local energy requirements and available physical space.

Mowea in a nutshell

  • One goal: green technology for a sustainable future
  • Thinking afresh together: innovations leading the zero-emission target
  • One motivation: together with partners towards achieving the Smart City vision
  • Working together: an interdisciplinary team providing well-thought-out solutions

Executive Team

An interdisciplinary team convenes at MOWEA to create uniqueness by working together. Meet our team:

Dr. Till Naumann

Founder & CEO / CTO

Dr. Till Naumann is a mechanical engineer with expertise in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics. He holds a PhD in rotor blade aerodynamics from MOWEA and was responsible for turbine development and the spin-off of MOWEA from the Technical University of Berlin. Since then, he has been the founder and CEO of MOWEA and has been developing the business with great dedication and will.


Managing Director / CFO

Holger Groß, Dipl.-Kfm., has around 30 years of professional experience. During this time he has worked as a top management consultant as well as managing director, board member or chief representative in various industries of German / European family businesses. As an entrepreneur, he has built up, strategically aligned and operationally managed companies.



Thomas Mörsdorf, Dipl.-Inf., has more than 30 years of experience as a top manager and executive in a variety of industries. He spent 16 years in the telecommunications industry as a consultant and executive. As a founder, he built up and managed two companies. He currently heads the operational business and product management of MOWEA.

Rene Raiya Sigalow

Managing Partner

Rene Raiya Sigalow is a specialist in the areas of finance management and controlling. In addition to her training as an industrial clerk, she studied controlling and management of SMEs and has over ten years of professional experience, including management in large and small companies.

Robert Johnen

Director Business Development & Sales

Robert Johnen has been a partner at MOWEA since 2020 and supports the CEO in all business management matters. He is responsible for strategy, business development, sales and marketing. He studied business administration at the University of Cologne and has several years of experience as a business architect and in working with start-ups and their financing.



Homan Ansari has more than 15 years of experience as a solution architect and IT manager, including in the field of IT security. He is responsible for software development and IT management.

Lukas Jobb

Head of Research & Development

Lucas Jobb is an electrical engineer responsible for electrical engineering and product development. He took over the activities and responsibilities of the then CTO and co-founder of MOWEA after the company was founded. Today, he leads the team to develop new products and improve existing ones.


Head of Supply Chain

Nandish is a mechanical engineer with an excellent knowledge of mechanical engineering / aerodynamics and supply chain management.

In the press

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Our spirit

Our way of working in a team is just as important as our technologies. The following values are particularly important to us:


Regardless of whether you are dealing with partners, colleagues or producers, fairness is our top priority.


Every partner and customer has their specific requirements for the products we offer. That is why we always strive to respect and include them.

Solution orientation

Problems are sometimes unavoidable. We are therefore focused on quickly identifying such hurdles and removing them efficiently.

Budget compliance

MOWEA attaches great importance to realistic quotes and implementation within a budget – without unpleasant surprises.


Creating a product for the customer, and not creating a customer for a product. Working according to the flexible design thinking approach helps us to meet even the highest demands of our customers.


We disclose our progress and individual work steps to you at any time during the process, because we believe that transparency is essential for trusting cooperation.