MOWEA small wind energy systems


There is no doubt that wind power can make a decisive contribution to the energy transition. But no matter how large the potential may be, the enormous size and complexity of wind turbines that have been in use up to now present a multitude of problems: starting with high logistics, assembly and maintenance costs, right through to ecological and aesthetic factors.

For this reason, the aim of the founders of MOWEA right from the start was to develop a modular small wind energy system that can be used in many different ways and makes efficient wind energy generation accessible to everyone in a cost-effective and low-maintenance way.

MOWEA's innovative modular small wind energy systems prove that wind power does not have to be huge, noisy and expensive: MOWEA systems represent an extremely efficient way of generating energy, which, coupled with smart design and smart controls, is easy to install and low-maintenance. Thanks to their unique modular design, they can also be individually scaled and therefore used in many other areas.


It all began in 2015 with the idea of making wind power modular, cost-effective and efficient and consequently highly versatile. The financing of MOWEA through renowned funding programmes facilitated intensive research, and as a result, the first proof of concept was quickly demonstrated: with 24 wind turbines combined in one system.


Due to the early practical application of the developed systems in pilot projects with strategic partners, it was possible to test the technology under real conditions and, according to the design thinking process, to continuously evaluate and further develop it. The basis for the market launch was finally set with the core unit 2.0.

Our products

MOWEA represents innovative wind power. Simple, efficient, low-maintenance and above all: economical - this holds for all our products. To satisfy the special requirements of the various areas of application, MOWEA has developed four models using its small wind power technology. Each model is perfectly adapted to a specific application and can still be customised to meet individual requirements.


The MOWEA Net consists of horizontal rotors mounted in an octagonal construction. This special arrangement and a hexagonal sheathing of the rotor frame make perfect utilisation of the available space within the structure. The MOWEA Net system is very powerful and can generate rated power of up to 50 kilowatts.

Rethinking wind power

Simple assembly

The installation of MOWEA wind energy systems is simple and fast. Without the need for a large device, your small wind turbine can be connected and in operation in no time at all.

Smart controls

Our small wind energy systems have a smart interface and can, therefore, be monitored and controlled at the touch of a finger via a smartphone.

Unlimited scalability

From a single, inconspicuous turbine to a powerful system that spans an entire industrial roof area, MOWEA's modularity principle opens up boundless possibilities for power generation in all dimensions.

Exceptionally quiet

Fluid mechanical optimisations of the rotor blades allowed us to reduce the noise level of a working turbine to a barely perceptible minimum. MOWEA, therefore, avoids loud humming and dangerous low-frequency waves.

Patented vibration avoidance

Our special patented anchoring technology prevents the transmission of vibrations to underlying buildings and makes MOWEA systems usable in all imaginable areas.