Till Naumann - MOWEA Co-Founder and CEO



D.Eng. Till Naumann is a mechanical engineer with specialization in aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics. He is a wind enthusiast at heart and the initiator of MOWEA. It started with his dissertation, which is an in-depth analysis on the topic of optimizing the profiles of small blades using the aerodynamic lift force. Realizing the potential and the benefits that wind energy could bring to the world, there was no other choice for him to follow his vision.

It is now since 2009 that Till works in the field of wind energy and during this time he has built a large network of partners and supporters. It comprises research institutes (Technical University Berlin, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, Berlin School of Economics and Law), business partners (link to partner page) and governmental support programs (IBB, BMBF, BMWi Exist, CFE).

He is the Chief Executive Officer of MOWEA and pulls the strings together. Specifically, he focuses on expanding the partner network, ensuring financing, complying with legal aspects and of course product management and development, as this is what he likes most.

Andreas Amberger - MOWEA Co-Founder and CTO



Andreas Amberger is an electrical engineer with specialization in electrical drives and control. He is a tech visionary and wishes to improve the life of millions of people. When Till approached him with the MOWEA vision, he did not hesitate to join.

During his time at the Technical University of Berlin, Andreas has worked on several R&D projects in the field of wind energy. His expertise is in design and programming of electronic modules and the optimization of controls and circuits for modular small wind energy systems.

He is the Chief Technical Officer of MOWEA and in charge of research, development, quality assurance and production. He is never tired of trying to improve things and make MOWEA turbines more efficient.

Helge Sieberichs - MOWEA Co-Founder and CEO



Helge Sieberichs is a PMP with an academic background of business administration and engineering. He worked as a consultant in various industries and now uses his experience to make a social impact in the world.

It is since 2007 that Helge has worked for companies like Momentive (formerly GE Bayer Silicones), Carl Zeiss SMT, Scheidt & Bachmann FCS, Telefónica O2 UK, Vodafone Germany and Vodafone Group. His core competencies are international program and project management and process optimization. He has handled up to 8-digit budgets and holds certificates as Project Management Professional, Prince2 Practitioner and Six Sigma Green Belt. In 2016 he decided to start his own projects as a social entrepreneur, gained experience in online marketing and joined MOWEA.

He is the Chief Operating Officer of MOWEA and an energetic driver of the venture. He focuses on marketing, sales and finances and takes a consulting role for product development and production.

Bhavesh Sudesh Uppal - MOWEA

Bhavesh Uppal

Lead Business Consultant

Bhavesh Uppal is a mechanical engineer from India with specialization in renewable energy. He is driven by innovation and wants to make a change in the global energy infrastructure by developing innovative wind and PV technologies.

Bhavesh is a master student at the Technical University Berlin, where he has worked as an academic tutor conducting seminars and lab workshops on solar PV cells. Besides his expertise in off-grid wind and solar hybrid systems, he holds a Six Sigma Green Belt and has already gained experience in product development with another startup.

His broad knowledge allows him to work on strategy and business development as well as engineering tasks. Within MOWEA, Bhavesh has the role of the Lead Business Consultant.

Klaus Rüdiger

Senior Advisor

Closely related to the most urgent questions of climate change, water, food, mobility and digitalization, energy is one of the predominant themes of our time.
MOWEA contributes and shows a way to innovative and resource saving solutions addressing the great challenges of sustainable energy for the world.


Isabell von Falkenhausen

Technical Asssistant

Isabell von Falkenhausen is an electrical engineer with a strong emphasis on ecological and social responsibility. She is an active member and tutor of the “Blue Engineering” Group at Technical University of Berlin, where she is currently finishing her Bachelor’s degree in engineering management

With MOWEA, Isabell sees a chance to contribute to a future powered by sustainable energy. She is working as Technical Assistant and Investigator, always ready to back up the product development.